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Location highlight: Kingwood Mossy Trees

This month the location highlight is on “Kingwood Texas Mossy Trees”! This public walking trail is home to multiple mossy trees and a big open field. It provides beautiful diffused back light, lots of green tones, and the perfect space for your family to explore together. Mossy trees will always pull at my heartstrings because they are everywhere in Bluffton, SC where my photography career first started. At this location in Kingwood, the mossy background adds such a whimsical, romantic look to family photo sessions. If we’re going to get super nerdy and technical, the moss tends to be a great natural light diffuser because it’s not too thick, just perfect enough to keep haze from getting into my lens when angled just right! If you love this look too, it’s nice to know we don’t need to travel very far to achieve it. I usually host Fall Mini Sessions here, and full sessions are available year-round.

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June 21, 2024

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