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What is A Lifestyle Newborn Session? | Humble, TX Newborn

Maybe you’ve heard of a “Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Session” before. But just in case you’re not sure what the difference between this and a studio newborn session is, allow me to help you understand!

Where do Lifestyle Newborn Sessions Take Place?

Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in the space of your own home. The master bedroom, nursery, living room, and even your backyard are all amazing spots to utilize. Perfect for cozying up and falling into natural poses. Admiring your newest family member in your natural setting. Rather than use lighting boxes and stands, we will mainly use natural lighting, and yes I know it’s so weird because you probably know photographers are all crazy about “as much light as possible” but I actually prefer to turn all indoor lighting and lamps off and open curtains and blinds to allow as much natural light in. The reason for this is simple yet impactful: even, beautiful, creamy, skin tone.

Should We Use Props?

Many of my clients ask, “Do we need to have any props ready?” And my answer is the best props are a simple solid colored swaddle, a neutral outfit for baby that matches yours, and a meaningful prop if you would like. (Such as an ultrasound photo, meaningful stuffed animal, homemade blanket, etc.) This is all you’ll need for your lifestyle newborn session!

Posing Baby

The other main difference is baby posing. For most of your lifestyle session, baby will be in your arms, cuddling. I still love photos of baby solo, so for these we will lay them swaddled or feet-free in their bassinet, crib, or any other soft surface for those adorable close ups and full body shots. Lifestyle sessions are amazing for being able to stay in the comfort of your own home, because newborns are most easily photographed within the first week of their life. It’s also great for including younger siblings or pets!

May 18, 2023

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