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How To Help Kids During Photo Sessions | East End Park Texas

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“Being in front of a camera makes me nervous because I’m worried about how I will look, how my kids will behave, and if we will even get any good photos.”

Sound familiar? After serving families through photography for almost a decade I still hear this common fear come up. And I’m going to be completely honest… I can totally relate! We try to have family photos taken at least once a year, whether that’s handing my camera off to a family member or hiring another photographer and in either case I always go into the photo session wondering how my littles will behave since they’re all a little older than the previous time.

And here’s the thing: every family feels this way, whether their main concern is a child who doesn’t want to participate or any other of a million reasons that could keep you from having a smooth session.

I work with you to help your kids during your photo session

This is what I would love to assure you of to easy your mind, bring peace back into perspective over the whole thing: I am going to have your back. The goal is to serve you. Here are some things I personally do to help your kids behave during photos:

  1. Mama, you better believe you and your family are my main concern heading into our session together. I am not expecting you to show up and just know what to do. Through the whole session I will be there to help little ones continue to have fun and make sure you’re in a flattering pose at the same time. I’ve been known to “Ooo” and “Aaaa” like a monkey or stop and let them experiment with taking their own picture or two if it helps keep the calm and fun vibe going.
  2. We follow the little ones’ lead. I love to get on their level and ask them questions about themselves just to establish a little more trust. If they need to see what my camera is all about I gladly pause before we start to show them! If they don’t really want to smile for us yet, that’s ok! We’ll play some games and let everyone warm up first.
  3. If all else fails, I highly recommend bringing bribes! I talk about this more in my client experience guide which you will get after booking a session with me. Bribes have saved photo sessions more than I can count and there is no shame in that game! I personally love these mini marshmallows because they are color-less, dissolve quickly and are small enough for a quick reward!

All this to say, I know how photo sessions can make you feel nervous sometimes, because I’ve been there. But if I can do anything that will make your experience the best it can be, I will do it! You are not going into this alone, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and I’m not just expecting you to know what to do when someone decides they don’t want to participate anymore. We will be working together to help your kids during your photo session. Don’t sweat it! Just show up looking amazing like you always do and let me do the rest. We got this!

May 12, 2023

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